SEISMIC U-Flex hoses are the flexible bronze braided hoses and can be used widely in systems gas with their resistance to pressure and flexible structure. They are utilized for conducting gas, compensating the problems originated from installation, absorbing vibrations and expansions. With their variety of fitting options produced for almost every type of connections, they can be used as a ready-to-install assembly part in every connection point. 

The U-Flex Hoses use 64% less space than a mechanical pipe loop, and eliminates six welds. Fewer fittings and welds can be achieved in the piping system by positioning the U-Flex Hoses at directional changes and rotating one of the U-Flex elbows during manufacturing to incorporate directional change, eliminating 90° elbows in the field. It can also be designed to incorporate elevation changes in the piping system, saving space, fewer fittings and welds.

Our SEISMIC Flexible Hoses compatible with ASCE 7-02 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures Section 9-6 Earthquake Loods, Table SEISMIC Design Category C.D.E.F




  • The U-Flex Hoses are extremely critical accessories and used for protecting vital installations such as medical gas systems from seismic motion like earthquakes.
  • This Seismic Connection Hoses provide flexibility to piping systems and used to absorb possible seismic movements in three axis.
  • In addition to seismic protection, installation cost is lower comparing to conventional expansion joints considering lesser need for space and fixing points and ability for nested installations.
  • Comparing to use expansion joints and conventional piping to absorb vibrations, imposing lesser load to main pipeline is one of their significant advantages.
  • Braided flexible hoses are consist of two parallel sections of braided bronze hose, a 180 degree return bend, with inlet and outlet 90 degree elbow connections.
  • The hoses are engineered to move in all three planes, and is impart no thrust loads to system anchors.
  • Materials of construction of the Schönn U-Flexes are bronze Hose with bronze braid and copper ends.
  • End fittings are made of copper and welded with %5 Brass. 
  • SEISMIC U-Flex hoses are designed to meet the design pressure, temperature, and movement requirements for the system.
  • Hoses is capable of accommodating piping system and equipment movements and vibration as needed.
  • Bronze flexible hoses, braided and their assemblies are designed to allow frequent movement or flexibility.
  • Flexible hoses are the standard of the industry in braided connectors for copper piping. This style connector is constructed with bronze flexible hose & braid for high-pressure ratings.
  • Flexible hose is off ered with standard copper sweat/tube ends.
  • Its nominal size is 15,22,28,35,42,54. Other nominal sizes can be produced in accordance with the customer's requirements.

15mm SEISMIC U-Flex

22mm SEISMIC U-Flex

28mm SEISMIC U-Flex