Clamps are produced from plastic material the prevent any chemical reaction with copper and plastic clamps holds pipes securely with 2 M4 screws to prevent any release of pipes due to pressure fluctuation inside pipes.

All materials used are fully comply with Medical Gas Pipeline Systems standards as HTM 2022, HTM-02-01, C11, EN ISO 7396:2007 and NFPA A 99.

  • It is used as pipe fixing element on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • It is fixed with steel anchor.
  • It ıs used for medical gas lines.
  • It is coated with 8-12 micron zinc against corrosion.

Metal Anchor

  • It is used on concrete grounds that require short holes.
  • Easily mounted.
  • Conical plug provides uniform expansion and safe holding.
  • It does not rotate in concrete

Threaded Rods

It is a connection element that is used with various adapters in suspension systems. Can be cut to obtain desired length.

Galvanized Steel Angle

Copper piping connections in accordance with the axes of the clamp opens and the medical gas pipeline support system on the assembly site for the installation of plumbing provides practicality. 
Variable depending on the length of the suspension system piping.
Provides safe conneciton.

Plastic clamps
Medical gas injection system clamps are manufactured in plastic material. 
Plastic clamps has been designed in accordance with HTM 2022, HTM 02-01, ISO 7396-1:2007.
Electrolytic copper piping with plastic clamps because it is based on is the reaction or corrosion.
The pipeline should be adequately supported at sufficient intervals in accordance with HTM 2022 Table 21, HTM 02-01 Table 26 to prevent sagging or distortion.