Medical Gas Alarms System


Schönn Medical gas area alarm panels & systems are designed with state of the art technology for the utmost in safety and reliability.
Medical Gas Alarms are used to provide information & warnings to medical & engineering staff about the supply of medical gases supplied from a central source (manifolds, compressed air plant etc.) & piped to the point of use.

The Alarm Management System allows comprehensive monitoring of your medical gas supply system.

The purpose of the Schönn Medical Gas Alarm System is to notify both the technical and the clinical staff that one or more sources of supply within a supply system are no longer available for use and it is essential that action be taken.

The system consists of a series of separate components which communicate via data line. Each component is designed for a specific task and is capable of processing the necessary signals from the system.

All Local medical gas modules are equipped with two types of sensors, one for Upstream pressure (HIGH) and one for Downstream pressure (LOW) of the same monitored gas.