• The standard recommended height of the lower face of pendants is 1,1-1,3 meter, however, this does not take into account the differing heights of theatre personnel,or 
    conditions needed for particular operations.
  • The pendant allows the unit to be lifted above working height when the unit is not required,but also allows the height to be adjusted so suit particular circumstances. (Optional feature)
  • The pendant should be located near the head of the operating table.However, note must be taken of any moving equipment in the theatre, such as operating theatre lamps etc. , to ensure that the location of the pendant does not foul this equipment.

*Increased Hygiene and sterility

*Ease to use

The many advantages in the field of safety and hygiene are;

*No more trailing leads, cables or hoses,

*Fully encapsulated system,incorporating modular service boxes, which makes maintenance and general use easier.

*Single or two piece arm assemblies, motorised, or static, equipment can now be located at the point of use with the greatest of ease.

*Fully equipped to suit the application, with high and low voltage supplies, medical gas outlet points,communication points and various miscellaneous items.

*Heavy Duty Structures

*Easy Cleaning of All Parts for Hygiene purposes

*Equipment Shelf with optional pressure Gauges for Each Medical Gas

*Electrical and Medical Gas Outlets in separate compartments

*Side Rails for IV Stands and Equipment


Schönn pendants are manufactured in compliance to HTM2015, HTM2022, HTM02-01, DIN 13260, DIN 49440, DIN 57750, DIN 42801, EN 737 and the units are CE marked.