The Schönn compressed air systems consists of 2, 3 or 4 separate compressors, with According to calculated plant capacity pressure tanks, filter systems, compressed air compressors, Dryer and pressure reducer stations. This makes maintenance and repairs possible without interruption of the air supply, offering additional operational security. Also, the system function is continuously monitored automatically, malfunctions are displayed immediately and can be transmitted to the hospital Building Management System (BMS).

As each installed system consists of many separate components, only proven components of the highest quality are selected which conform to all relevant regulations and standards. The compressed air supply systems built by Schönn not meets the requirements of the ISO 7396-1, HTM02-01 and HTM2022 standards, but because of its particularly effective pressure conditioning unit with 5 filter phases and an adsorption dryer, the systems also comply with the standards set by the European Pharmacopeia. Each system  has been tested and got CE certificate Meets the requirements of ISO 7396-1, HTM 2022 & HTM 02-01 - Medical Gas Pipeline Systems.


  • Proven design based on established technology

  • Flexible design allows compact installations in existing and new plant rooms.

  • Duplex heatless desiccant air dryer including economy circuit.

  • Electronic controls and monitoring ensure reliable plant operation.

  • Plant controls are configured to minimise running costs.

  • Controls include connections for medical gas alarm system and BMS.

  • Oil injected screw compressors for quiet and vibration free operation (Other type compressors are also available)


Medical Air Plant complies with:
• Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC
• EN ISO 7396-1 and ISO 14971
• Health Technical Memorandums HTM 02-01 and HTM 2022



The Schönn medical air dryer delivers clean, dry medical air all the time. The unique design ensures effective dryer operation even under heavy duty conditions, dew point performance.
High efficiency coalescing filters remove particles and liquids from the air stream to protect the dryers and to protect your medical air delivery. There-pressurization cycle in the dryer adds an additional safeguard against desiccant dusting and valve wear.

  • Valve for minimization of regeneration air.

  • Continuous dew point measurement in the outgoing air on digital control panel

  • Control system with valve monitoring and emergency switching

  • Visual display and collecting malfunction alarm for dew point and system operation

  • Air quality according to the European Pharmacopoeia

  • Space-saving, packaged design

  • Simple modification of existing plants without additional control panels.

The Schönn heatless desiccant dryers utilize dew point dependent purge control to guarantee the lowest possible energy losses for desiccant regeneration while delivering a totally stable and reliable dew point. Purge air is minimized with tower switching based on dew point readings, so when the medical air demand is low, so is your energy consumption.
The drying towers are sized specifically for peak calculated demand in medical air applications and capable of producing a -46° C pressure dew point. Unlike industrial dryers applied to medical air applications, the Schönn dryers don’t waste energy, footprint, or desiccant to achieve unnecessarily low dew points. With smaller towers, less purge air is required to regenerate the drying towers, saving you additional energy dollars.


All Schönn Medical Air Plants are equipped with a duplex set of carefully selected filters, to ensure maximum air quality, and extended service life of the desiccant.
1st Pre-filter - to remove airborne dirt particles, dust and water / oil droplets, from the compressed air.
Activated Carbon filter - to remove by adsorption, hydrocarbon vapours, and odours.
Bacterial Filter - to ensure that the delivered air is free of bacterial contamination.
All filters are provided with differential pressure gauges to indicate when a new element is require and due to the full duplex assembly, elements can be changed without the need for a system shut down.
All filters provide, dirt, dust, oil, water vapor and bacteria free breathable air to Hospital Medical Air System.


Air compressors are generally the oil injected rotary screw compressors, which together with the after-cooler, auto drain, and safety valve are skid mounted to give maximum flexibility of layout.
Each compressor is driven by a 380-400V, three phase 50/60 Hz electric motor with voltages and frequencies available to suit global conditions.


One or more air receivers will be supplied manufactured and tested to BS EN 286-1:1998. Other standards such as ASME, and third party designs / inspection are available upon request.
The receiver(s) is supplied with inspection access panels and automatic drain with manual by-pass.
Each receiver is also supplied with a pressure gauge, safety relief valve and fusible plug, and is complete with lifting lugs and mounting feet.



*Colourful, touch-screen and easy-to-use display.

*The system has automatic and manual operation feature.

*Adjustable working system up to 4 compressors.

*Audio-visual status display and fault display.

*Fault alarm statuses are designed according to HTM standards.

*Synchron Aging work system.

*Remote access with Modbus-RTU and connection to Hospital BMS.

*Compressor temperature can be adjusted as PT100 and dry contact.

*Pressure measurement units: mbar, kPa and Psi

*The compressor information is displayed both on the touch screen and by the LED signals on panel: “cut in”, “cut out”, “defective”

*The compressor transition times are preset at the factory, but these transition times can be adjusted according to the tank reserve, capacity required by the hospital etc. (While one compressor is running, reserve compressor starts if the running compressor does not meet the required capacity.)

*Compressor start-stop value can be adjusted.

*Display tank pressure and dryer pressure value.

*Display dew point value.

*Display power failure, thermic failure of the compressors.

*The compressor can be deactivated when necessary.

*System detects deactivated compressor(s) and reserve compressor(s) will be activated.

*The operation and failure status of the compressors and dryers are animated on the touch screen.

*Compressor, dryer and alarm status are displayed on the panel by LED signals according to HTM standards.

*The PCB system can operate on its own when any fault condition occurs on the panel.

*The transit times of the dryer can be set by the user.

*The dryer transition times are preset at the factory, but these transition times can be adjusted by user.

*Display dryer status: defective and humid.

*The tube group operates alternately according to interval time.

*Group cylinder transitions automatically switch to higher dew point values. (right group from left group, left group from right group)

*When the cylinder is defective, the other cylinder automatically cut in.

*The system can be operated on TFT screen or computer hardware when requested.

*If all the cylinders are defective, automatic flow is provided by the by-pass system.

*By-pass system provides automatic flow even during power cuts.

*Language selection (German-English)

*Authorized person access by password.

 aircontrolpanel oldmodel


*Graphic LCD display.

*The system has automatic and manual operation feature.

*Adjustable working system up to 4 compressors.

*Audio-visual status display and fault display.

*Fault alarm status is designed according to HTM standards.

*Synchron Aging work system.

*Pressure measurement units: bar

*The compressor information is displayed on the PCB: “cut in”, “cut out”, “defective”

*Compressor start-stop value can be adjusted with buttons.

*Display the value of the humid, pressure, dew point temperature on the graphic LCD display.

*Display power failure, thermic failure of the compressor.

*Compressor and alarm status are displayed on the panel by LED signals according to HTM standards. (Plant Fault, Plant Emergency, Line Pressure Fault, Dew point, Compressor Defective.)

*Compressor working hours can be displayed on the control panel.

*The cylinder group automatically rotates between itself.