AMS2000 TS

Cylinder manifolds are an important element of gas management in hospitals. They ensure the supply with medical gases and control the gas pressure. The core of the system is the Gas Control Station.The manifold control system shall conform to ISO 7396-1 - Medical gas pipeline systems, NHS Health Technical Memorandum HTM 2022 and HTM 02-01.The manifold control system shall provide an uninterrupted supply of a specific medicalgas from equally sized high pressure cylinder banks via a suitable arrangement of pressure regulators, providing a constant downstream nominal pipeline gauge pressure of 400 kPa or 700 kPa. The entire system shall be 'duplexed' such that any single functional component failure will not affect the integrity of the medical gas supply. The manifold shall be supplied fully assembled and tested.

Automatic Manifolds provide a continuous supply of gas from two banks of cylinders by automatically changing to the standby bank when the duty bank has become depleted.

Manifolds are available for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Entonox, Carbondioxide and Medical Compressed Air. These manifolds comprise an automatic changeover panel with alarm & status monitoring, an isolation & relief valve assy, non-return valve, two group manifold headers, two group cylinder racks and tailpipes with Either the left or right hand manifold bank may be designated “Duty” and the Automatic Control Panel (ACP) shall automatically changeover to supply the distribution system from the “Standby” bank when pressure in the “Duty” bank falls to a pre-determined level.

Each side of the ACP shall be capable of being fully isolated via a full flow ball valve inorder to change any regulator without cessation of supply. The inlet of the 1st stage regulator shall be protected from the particulate matter by a sintered bronze filter.

Cylinder pressures and pipeline pressure are monitored by pressure sensors in digital control panel and can be remotely viewed on Master alarm panel or central computer.There shall be a fail safe system in the event of power failure so that motorized valves open and there is full continuity of supply pressure and ?ow. Upon power restoration the unit shall revert back to the original bank of cylinders being used. To avoid inadvertent resetting of the change cylinder alarm the motorized valves shall be latched so that once changeover has occurred and the cylinders have been replaced, a reset button must be operated to cancel the alarm condition.

There shall be manual changeover buttons so that servicing either side of the system can be simply achieved. The PCB’s shall be linked with plug and socket connectors for easy removal.


AMS2000 TS


    *Colorful, touch-screen and easy-to-use display.

    *Manual and automatic adjustable working system.

    *Audio-visual status display and system failure display.

    *Remote access with Modbus-RTU and connection to Hospital BMS.

    *The pressure values of the changeovers for the cylinder banks groups can be adjusted both to right or left bank.

    *Changeover of Cylinders groups is automatic.

    *Pressure measurement units: bar, kPa and psi.

    *Cylinders pressure status can be monetarized instant.

    *Alarm status is designed in accordance with HTM standards.

    *High pressure and low pressure alarm status are adjustable.

    *The status of the plant can be monitored by the LED signals on the control panel.

    *In case of emergency, manual gas ?ow is provided by by-pass system.

    *The audible alarms can be set to silent mode. 

   *Language selection (German-English)

   *Authorized person access by password.



AMS2000 TS

    *7-Segment digital display.

    *The pressure values and line pressure values of the cylinder group in the left-right can be monitored.

    *Audio-visual alarm notification.

    *Manual and automatic adjustable working system

    *In case of emergency, manual gas flow is provided by by-pass system..

    *Audio-visual status display and fault display.

    *Alarm status is designed in accordance with HTM standards

    *High pressure and low pressure alarm status are adjustable.

    *The status of the plant can be monitored by the LED signals on the control panel.

    *In case of emergency, manual gas flow is provided by by-pass system.

    *The audible alarms can be set to silent mode.