*Innovative Design

*Easy and Quick Installation

*Wide options of design, color and dimensions.

*Laminated aluminium composite panels,

*Easy to clean, antibacterial, hygenic

*Robust support system of BHU is ideal for renovation

*Prefabricated sockets, outlets and Communication units are easy to assemble with ward’s medical piping and wiring system

Panel; 4mm laminated aluminium composite panels, Frame;Extruded aluminium profiles
Panel Color
Please refer to our color alternatives
Channels for reading lamp, Gas outlets and Electrical units. Horizontal or vertical trunks let easy equipment utilization. Inner space of BHU is large enough for installing any extra units for additional trunks.
Width: Variable, Height : 1800mm, 
Legal Compliances
EN ISO 13485:2003, 93/42 EEC Medical Device Directive, HTM 08-03
llimunation (Optional):
Lighting: Choice of 120 cm or 60 cm LED Tube lighting, 5W Night Light.
Gas installation
O2, N2O, Air4, Air7, Vac, Agss etc. (Compatiable for BS, DIN standars.)
220 Volt 50 Hz and 110 Volt 60 Hz, Single / Double switch, Single / Double electrical socket, 
Communication Units (Optional): Telephone, Network, Monitor Socket, Data Socket.
Nurse Calling System (Optional): Available
Electronic Equipment (Optional): Can be mounted hidden or visible. 


Medical Gas Trunk

Any kind of medical gas outlets can be easily adapted via separated gas trunk.

Electrical Trunk

Sockets, switches, grounding plugs and nurse calling systems can be installed as per each project.


For the comfort of patients, better ambience of ward and to provide proper working conditions for health center staff a variety of lighting color and brightness are being serving.