Vakum regülatör


Vacuum regulators are used to collect fluids from the patient by using vacuum pipeline in patient rooms, operation theatres, ICU, Emergency and all other necessary areas by regulating vacuum at desired levels and collects in reusable jars. 


  • Thanks to the adjustable vacuum level, it provides the patient with the required vacuum.
    The vacuum regulator has a pressure gauge to see the set pressure value visually.
    Vacuum regulators are endotracheal and regulate vacuum in the range of 0-760 mmHg.
    The vacuum regulator's material on the chrome-plated brass body of the regulator and the vacuum regulator housing is made of aluminium material.
    The vacuum level can be adjusted via the regulating cap on the regulator.
    In case of emergency, the vacuum regulator can be switched off with on / off lock system without changing the vacuum level to the patient.
    There is a hose outlet end suitable for the hose that coming from the vacuum jar.
    The vacuum regulator is ergonomic; It is designed to be plugged into the vacuum socket with one hand and removable.


Available tor direct connection into Vacuum Terminal Units with British (BS 5682: 1992) DiN (German), French, ltalian and American Style Probes.