Infusion Holder

The Infusion holder is made of stainless steel. There are two types: with 2 hooks and 4 hooks. Length of the holder can be arranged depending on the length of the unit. It is used on Intensive Care Units, Operation Theaters, Bed Head Units and anywhere where necessary.



ICU Rails

Schönn’s ICU Rails are designed to create a welcoming environment for the patientsICU Rail is made of extruded aluminium. It can be directly on the wall or the unit in order to suspend accessories. The lenght of the rail depends on the point of location.


Accessories Basket

Accessories Basket is made of nickel-plated steel wires and mounted on the rail provided and it is used in the Intensive care units. It is can slide up& down It can also be painted by RAL 9016 E-electrostatic.






Probes are used to supply madical gases from terminal units to the patient or medical equipments via hose connections or by direct connection to the equipment.

Due to a broad range of gas probes with standardized connection forms (NFS90-116, DIN 13260-2, BS 5682,AGA), Schönn Medizintechnik connection tubes can be used worldwide for direct extraction from the central gas supply system.