DIN 13260, BS 5682, NFS 90-116 CONNECTION



Optimised Medical Gas Solutions

The Schönn range of Oxygen Therapy equipment provides a seamless solution bettween your medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) and downstream patient supplier enabling a one stop provider for all your medical gas needs.

 Our high end devices provide the user with lightweight, highly precise and accurate equipment, which allows clinical and nursing staff to be concerned about only one thing - the patient.

SCHÖNN flow meters are robust and tactile, providing the user with a quality assurance further backed by our extended 2 year warranty.

Our aesthetically pleasing equipment can be supplied with our range of SC2015, DK2014 bedhead trunking, SCHÖNN or Global terminal units thus eliminating any concern over equipment compatibility. The SCHÖNN range of downstream equipment can be supplied to British BS, German DIN or French AFNOR norms as well as a few others, which are available upon request.

Flow Meters and Accessories

 All SCHÖNN flow meters come in a single or double arrangement, for both medical air and oxygen gas application. Flow meters are constructed from a chrome plated, brass body with polycarbonate tube and stainless steel float with a 0-15 lpm scale. Furthermore they can be supplied with our unique selector switch which is designed to save time and gas. It comes with a revolving control knob, allowing the supply of gas through the direct outlet to secondary equipment. There is no interruption of gas supply during this operation.

 Alternatively our highly precise durable brass bodied, 0-15  lpm scale offering great visibility and ease of use for the operator.

Polycarbonate Autoclavable Humidifiers compliment our flow meter offering, along with adult or child face masks.

  •  Oxygen Flowmeters are used to provide Oxygen to the patient from Madical Gas outlets through nasal cannula or mask by regulating flow rate and passing through a humidifier when required.
  • Schönn Flowmeters are specially designed for medical applications and are used with oxygen.
  • Body of the Flowmeter is made of chromium plated brass, which is the most hygienic material for use with oxygen.
  • The scaled tube of the Flowmeter is made of polycarbonate for high resistance to breakage and is autoclavable. It is graded between 1-15 Ipm.
  • The Humidifier on the Flow meter can be sterilized at 150°C.
  • Our Flowmeters are available for direct connection to appropriate Terminal Unit, in compliance with EN (European Norms) BS or DIN.