op control panel

General Features

  • High-speed ARM microcontroller
  • "21.5" Touch Screen Display
  • High-speed Windows-Based Computer
  • Stainless Steel Front panel
  • OT Busy Lamp On/Off Control
  • General Lighting Control / with dimmer control
  • Laminar Flow Control / with dimmer control
  • Operation Lighting Control / with dimmer control
  • UV Lamp Control
  • Full flow rate, semi-flow rate controls
  • Heater and fan controls
  • Anaesthetic gas scavenging control
  • Damper on/off control 
  • Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Differential Pressure and Hepa Filter Control 
  • Negatoscope Control / with dimmer control
  • Gas pressure status monitorization
  • Mp3 Player 
  • Camera
  • IP Based Phone
  • Language selection (English-German)


Technical Specification
Model DH2017
Screen 21.5" Touchscreen
Panel material Front panel made of stainless steel 
Analog Input 6 pcs 12 bits 0-10V, 8 pcs 12 bits 3.3v
Analog Output 18pcs 0-10V
Digital Input 8 pcs
Digital Output 21 pcs
Modbus Slave Output 1 unit - for automation and HBS
Modbus Master Control 1 unit – for external hardware or sensor connections
Communication Ports 1 pcs RS485 and TTL - provision
Processor ARM Microcontroller
Traceable Parameters Gas Alarm Indicators, Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure, Hepa Filter


1.General Lighting Control
Ability to control and dim the four lighting groups separately. (0-10V)

2. Laminar Flow Lighting Control
Ability to control and dim the four laminar flow lighting separately. (0-10v)

3. Operation Lamp Control
Ability to control and dim the three operation lamp head control separately. (0-10V)

4. Ultraviolet Lamp Control.
Ability to turn the UV lamp on or off.

5. OT Busy Lamp On/Off Control
Ability to turn the Busy lamp on or off.

6. X-Ray Viewer Control
Ability to turn the X-Ray Viewer lamp on or off.

7. AGSS Control
Ability to control the Anesthetic gas scavenging system.

8.Medical Gas System
Gas pressure level monitorization for five different medical gases.
Ability to set low/high limits for five different medical gas pressure alarms.
Visual and audible alarms according to gas pressure level or five different medical gases.
Ability to receive and to send data the central gas system.

9. Air Conditioning Control
Ability to
- monitor ambient temperature, humidity, differential pressure and Hepa filter clean/dirty.
- get all climate data from automation and to send data to automation. (Analog and Rs485)
- set the level of the temperature, humidity, differential pressure and Hepa filter, screen and this set levels transfer to hospital.automation. (485 and Analog)
- visual and audio alarm for alarm situations
- alarm on / off for each climate control
- set lower limit / High limit level for each alarm.

10. Heater, Fan, Damper, Full flow and Semi-flow control
On/off control for temperature, fan, damper, full flow and half flow.

11. Alarm Control
Turning off the audible warning in the system

12. Settings Menu
Consisting controls for Medical Gas Alarm Panel,
Temperature, Humidity, Differential, Pressure, Hepa Filter.
Ability to set the lower limit and higher limit settings for alarm levels.
Ability to access phone system settings Ability to create User input.

13. Hands Free Phone
Ability to call with all phone numbers that connected to the same IP central.
Ability to call with VoIP
Ability to create phone number memory.
Ability to add / delete contacts in the phone memory.

14. Mp3 Player
Ability to create a music list and to listen music.
Volume level and volume on/off controls

15. Information Menu
Ability to give detailed information for product

Ability to control chronometer

17. Time
Indicator and control time information.

Indicator and control date information.






Surgical Operating Lamps

General Features:

Schönn LED surgical operating lamps are produced with a classic round-type and clover-leaf shaped structure. Compared with the conventional halogen light technology, the heat radiation from the lamps heads is greatly reduced, minimizing the inconvenience of the operator and giving shadow-less illumination during surgical operation. Central sterilization handle enables to focus the light beam on the desired diameter of the light spot. Schönn LED surgical operating lamps are able to maintain a consistent light intensity at distances of 70 cm to 150 cm in every kind of operation with a uniform light that can reach and illuminate various depths, clear and fully sufficient surgical area.

Schönn LED Surgical operating lamps offer shadow-less illumination with single or dual ceiling, Wall and stand mounting options. Schönn LED surgical operating lamp’s switch box is controlled by LCD touch screen which do not move illuminating area with lamp head. The operator can control all the function of the lamps from the control panel.

Adjustable focus by central handle. Handle is also designed for quick assembly/disassembly and suitable for sterilization. Schönn LED surgical operating lamps have several multiplexing controller in the same power which ensures that the failure of an individual LED does not affect the operation of the other LEDs during operation.


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