Medical Gas Alarm Management System


  • It allows comprehensive monitoring of all the medical gas alarm panels in the hospital.
  • Data of the alarm panels can be displayed at a central monitoring station.
  • All gas alarm panels in the hospital can work integrated with this system.
  • The instantaneous pressure and alarm conditions of the gases of all gas panels in the hospital can be monitored from the central computer.
  • With this system, each gas alarm level (high alarm level and low alarm level )can be changed on the gas alarm panels.
  • When any alarm occurs on the gas alarm panels, the alarm can be observed both in the central panel and in this system.
  • With Modbus communication system, up to 255 alarm panels can be monitored and controlled from this system.
  • When any alarm occurs, the information of the panel with the fault alarm is opened as a popup.
  • Alarms can be monitored audio-visual.
  • Alarms can be silenced remotely for each panel.
  • Language selection (German-English)
  • Authorized person access by password.

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