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Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Entonox, Medical Air 4 Bar, Surgical Air 7 Bar, Medical Vacuum


- Flush / Surface / supply units for wall and celling Installation

- Corrosion-free to robust construction and material compatibility

- Gas type-specific doing of all relevant assembly groups for a secure connection.

- Quick installation through compact assembly groups

- Easy to connect and disconnect gas probes

- Unique check valve design

- Pressure differential leak testing on 100% of 1st fix assemblies

- Unhindered effective working pressure allows increased user performance

- Maintenance of plug-in coupling without interruption of hospital operations

- Fulfills all requirements of ISO 9170-1 as well as BS 5682 dimensions

The smooth quiet action of the Schönn terminal unit is a result of the attention paid to detail by its designers. The high precision gas indexing diameters coupled with accurately calculated geometry in the engage and release mechanism ensure a strong, positive and secure connection, every time - giving you the confidence you need when you need it most.

Our unique and innovative check valve seating design has proven to outlast and out perform other designs, enabling us to provide a 2 Year warranty us standard. In or­der to ensure every terminal unit is leak free, 100% of first fix assemblies are subjected to a stringent pressure differential leak test.

The unique flush gas identification ring eliminates the dust trap associated with other designs.

Gases available include oxygen, nitrous oxide, entonox, medical air, surgical air, vacuum, AGS, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Installation types include wall - flush or surface mounted, bedhead - curved or straight stub pipe and multiple pendant types, such as boom or rigid/retractable. Accessories include multiple gas jig plates, to aid and speed up the installation process as well as multiple gas stainless steel fascia plates for a high end wall finish.





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