We are an international company that is located in Germany and its scope of business is production of medical devices and equipment, consulting and technical servicing for health sector. It acts as a solution partner of health centres to improve the diagnosis and treatment processes and as a result to shorten the time of these processes. Our experienced team always finds out remarkable and acceptable solutions for our cutomers and final patients. As a leader company, Schönn Medizintechnik GmbH assists in planning and design of new health centres or renovation projects according to international standards and contemporary design parameters. Selection, procurement, installation and commisioning of medical equipment is the other significant experienced business field of our company.   ♦ Read More♦






We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Medical Gas Equipment for Pipelines, Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems (AGSS), Suction, patented Terminal Units, Patients Bedhead Units, Intensiv Care Units, Operation Room Pendants, Electro Hydraulic Operation Table, Surgical Operation Control Panel, Flowmeters, Regulators and Read More♦

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Schönn Medizintechnik GmbH offer everything from medical and technical installations for gas supply to network planning and supervising of construction. Our experts and installers discuss the possibilities of the location and find the most effective solutions for gas supply. Read More♦                                                  

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          Terminal Units           

Schönn Patented Protected Terminal units for medical gases BS 5682, DIN 13260, NF-S 90-116 standard Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Entonox,Medical Air 4 Bar, Surgical Air 7 Bar, Medical Vacuum. Flush / Surface / supply units for wall and celling Installation. Corrosion-free to robust construction and material compatibility. Gas type-specific doing of all relevant assembly groups for a secure connection NF-S 90-116 Standard, Sauerstoff, Stickoxide, Entonox, Medical Air 4 Bar, Chirurgische Luft 7 Bar,Medizinische Vakuum.

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Operation Room Control Panel           

Operation Control Panels are the central focus for infrastructure controls as well as alarms and information required in an Operating Room.  Equipped with numerous expansion and connectivity options you can, among many other things, control external devices,  such as  Operation Theatre lights or monitor pipeline pressure, indicate elapsed time in operation, day clock, temperature and humidity value  - and it is all intuitive, easy and safieren.

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